Pies Now Available!

Amazing news everyone! After much consideration and requests, we’re finally putting these bad boys online! Our delicious homemade pies are always a hit, and you can get them hot to eat right away 😋 , or cold to put away for later on 😉.

Regardless of how you want it, we’ve probably got it.

We would like to caution however, pies that are ordered online may be subject to longer wait times. This is as the item may not be hot enough yet, or already sold out! We sincerely apologise if this may be an inconvenience but due to their highly variable nature and the long time it takes to properly heat them up, we are find ourselves in this situation.

If your order is subject to a longer wait time though, we will be calling you ASAP to give you an update.

Thank you again for all of your patience, and hang in there during this tumultuous time of another Victorian lockdown.

Warmest wishes,

Aus Vi Bakery Team

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