Our philosophy

Hello there! Thanks for swinging by! Just want to let you know in advance that online ordering at Aus-Vi Bakery hasben removed for the foreseeable future. If you’d like to order ahead, give us a call at (03) 9459 2379. We appreciate your understanding.

See link for why this change has occurred: https://www.ausvibakery.com/uncategorized/update-were-back-changes-to-aus-vi/

Only the best ingredients in our products

Cold Press Juice Ingredients

We source all of our ingredients from our trusted suppliers, from the flour to the tomatoes and the milk.

For the fresh fruit & veggies in all our your lunches and cold-press juices, we personally purchase them weekly in the early hours of the morning, from Melbourne wholesale markets to ensure the freshest & best of quality foods.

The chicken & pork of our traditional Vietnamese banh mi, and the beef of our iconic meat pies, are sourced from butchers all over Melbourne. Always fresh and ready to go for use to quickly give you the food you enjoy!

We highly value high quality & fair prices

Since 2003 we have always aspired and worked towards giving our customers the best food, made with the best ingredients and the best prices we can provide them at.

We’re constantly trying to improve our recipes, as well as finding better and better ingredients!

~ We just switched to BonSoy Soy & Almond milk in 2019 and we wish we did it sooner!

But of course, our high-quality ingredients also come at a cost. So whilst they’re not the cheapest options out there, we believe that they are great value for what’s offered!

We also believe that everyone should only have to pay for what they have ordered. That’s why we have so many ‘extra’ options, such as tomato sauce for pies and cheese for our sandwiches! We understand at times that this can be inconvenient however it is the way that we think is fairest to all of our beloved customers.

We make everything we sell in-store!!

(Well except for the iconic South Melbourne Dim Sims and the bottled drinks in the fridge that is 😋)

Feel free to visit us at 86 Lower Plenty Road, Rosanna 3084, VIC at any of our trading hours, whether it’s for a chat or for some of our homemade goodies!

Thanks for reading a little more about us!