Some answers to our most common questions!

Do we offer delivery?

No we do not for the time being.

How long have we been operating?

We were founded in 2003 so this year (2021) will mark our 18th birthday!

Do we make everything we sell?

A: Yes! Mary and Thanh make everything we sell in-store, minus the iconic South Melbourne Dim Sims of course.

How can we find you?

A: Our address is: 86 Lower Plenty Road, Rosanna 3084, VIC, Australia. Head over to the “Find Us” Page to get more details!

What are your trading hours?

Click “here” to see our in-store and online trading hours.

Do you do catering?

Yes we do! For the time being, organising this in-store is by far the easiest way for both you and us.

Why are some things only available in-store?

There is a high variability in some of our products, where stock management at our current scale makes it very difficult to manage the online and in-store components simultaneously. We do however endeavour to eventually have all products available online and in-store, however, it will take us some time to get used to handling both methods.

Where can I provide you some feedback?

Click “here“!

What if I realise I did something wrong in my order?

Give us a call ASAP at (03) 9459 2379! We’ll do our absolute best to fix up any problems.

Do you sell large party / birthday / celebratory cakes?

No we do not, though we did in the past. At this point in time we are unable to make such products and we apologise for any inconvenience this may pose.